There’s just something about the unique history, picturesque countryside and beautiful homes here in Connecticut that inspire. As an interior designer, it’s my job to not only draw inspiration from the amazing people occupying a space, but the surrounding environment.

Connecticut Scenery

Not too shabby!

Here are a few local elements that consciously and subconsciously inspire my design decisions:

The History

From Abolitionist homes to architectural attention-grabbers like the Mark Twain house, Connecticut architecture holds on to key historic elements that make it a one-of-a-kind place for design. Historical landmarks and Native American settlements also play a role in the unique diversity seen here.

Mark Twain House - Heather Ryder Design

Mark Twain House via

expect the unexpected

A fun, transitional twist on traditional design. Floral patterns, brick and chandelier mixed with a more minimalist vibe with the subtle use of modern designs. Old world meets new is what Connecticut is all about!

The Scenery

One of the most seasonally picturesque places in the world, and we get to call it home. Take a stroll through charming historic districts, hike through the fall foliage, or eat some ice cream on the beach. We have it all!

Connecticut Fall - Heather Ryder Design


Fall colors are the perfect inspiration for a beautiful interior! Calming blues, fun purples and exciting oranges and yellows make for a perfectly unique design.

Connecticut Blue and Orange Dining Room - Heather Ryder Design


Greenwich Estate - Heather Ryder Design

The Ocean

Are fall colors not your thing? As we discussed in our blog post “East Coast Interior Design: Coastal Style”, coastal interiors are a big emerging trend and a fabulous alternative. Many store-bought designs are inspired by our East Coast lifestyle!

Connecticut Ocean Scenery

Nature offers the best color palette inspiration! Serene blues and whites, and dreamy neutrals make for a calming space.

Connecticut Charmer - Heather Ryder Design


Inspired by coastal tones!

Boating Connecticut - Heather Ryder Design

Coastal Kids Bedroom - Heather Ryder Design

Boating school’s in session! Boating culture also has a big impact on local design. Ships, anchors, and sails fit in perfectly in a Connecticut interior design!

The People

Lastly, the eclectic and community-driven collection of Connecticut natives are what inspire the unique design culture seen here. From traditional to modern, and industrial to coastal, Connecticut homeowners are an exciting mix of design challenges and triumphs. Because of the small-town feel and neighborly way of life, we want to have spaces to entertain in. We want to share our homes! An interior designers dream come true.

Lighting Design  Connecticut - Heather Ryder Design

Four different takes on Connecticut lighting design from very different families. Design diversity!

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Stay Inspired.

Heather Ryder