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Heather Ryder Design

is a Connecticut interior design firm focused on creating luxurious, livable spaces by working with clients collaboratively to create a personalized look and letting them be as involved as they’d like. Heather Ryder Design’s goal is to help homeowners discover their design identity, while staying true to the personality of the home, handling the technical aspects of the project, and maximizing the client’s design investment.

Owner Heather Ryder

“I aim to provide sophisticated, yet calming styles and picturesque spaces that reflect my client’s unique creativity, while still making sure it works for their family and lifestyle. I believe that just because a room is professionally designed, doesn’t mean that room should be off limits. I don’t just create designed environments, I create homes.”

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Heather Ryder of Heather Ryder Design

What our clients say

Gut renovating a home is a daunting task in and of itself.  Add decorating that home and it becomes an insurmountable task.  As a homeowner one does not always possess the skill of understanding a space and what is necessary in order to make that space your own.  I retained the services of Heather Ryder from the outset before we had even started construction.  It made the experience enjoyable and the end result was a stunning home that my family will continue to enjoy for years to come.  She was involved with the architectural and construction part of the design and then while the home was going through construction she came up with a design scheme off of which she was able to outfit my entire six bedroom home with furniture and lighting  in less than 5 months.  Always looking for new inspiration, she would come up with multiple design schemes for each room from which I could choose, allowing me to play an integral part in the design of my own home. She was a pleasure to work with, extremely reliable and stood behind her work.  I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Kevie Murphy

Heather knew exactly what I envisioned from our very first meeting. She helped steer me in the right direction and keep my focus. When I doubted something, she provided me with enough reasons to push forward or rethink my decision altogether. Heather is a true professional with impeccable design ideas..

Kristina Feighan

After 30 years of reupholstering old hand me down furniture several times
over and over again, and living with old dated jewel tone colors I really
didn’’t like anymore, I decided that it was high time I get an interior
designer to really help me create a living room space I loved.
Heather was absolutely wonderful to work with and she helped me realize my
dream of LOVING my space! She is patient, has a great eye for color and
texture, and understands how hard it is for most of us to see the “vision”,
but eventually we got there and I couldn’t be happier.
I definitely had a budget and Heather did her best to stay within that
range. I gave her my ideas on the color palette of choice and Heather took
it from there and gave me specific suggestions on wall color paint, fabrics
options, new furniture style, furniture placement as well as lighting and
accent pieces. She also helped me with some lighting changes in my kitchen
and other strategic accent fabrics throughout my home to bring everything
together. I also felt like Heather was the kind of designer who knew that I
really wanted to “live” in my space and enjoy it and not have it be a show
room where we’d be afraid to entertain in.
I would highly recommend Heather Ryder to anyone looking for an interior
designer who listens and will make your dream come true!

Diane Millas

We started our journey in the year 2011. With a passion for making spaces beautiful with a modern yet classic approach to design. We thrive on finding that unique peice that makes each client’s home truely theirs.


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