What comes to mind when you think Coastal? White beaches, sand shells…the complete absence of winter?  Coastal style is a staple of East Coast interior design. This post will cover some fun and chic ways to incorporate coastal styles in your home.

Why are coastal interiors so loved?

Somethings Gotta Give Interior Design - Heather Ryder Design

The first time I truly fell in love with coastal style is when I saw the movie, “Something’s Gotta Give”. Who can forget that beautiful beach house? The movie came out in 2003 and if you look at photos today – 13 years later – the house is still a chic representation of what coastal design is all about.


Coastal Kitchen Design - Heather Ryder Design

A timeless design should be simple, durable, adaptable, and chic. Our design above sets a coastal tone, without trapping the room in an overly trendy theme.

Set a Mood

Coastal Hallway Design - Heather Ryder Design

With a color palette drawn from sand, shells and sea, coastal interiors set a light and airy tone to a home and give a unique sense of calm. Our home’s décor can have an impactful effect on our outlook on life and day-to-day mood.

A Carefree Lifestyle

Coastal Bathroom - Heather Ryder Design

Coastal interiors evoke a sense of care free living. You can turn your home into a personal retreat. The trick is learning to use coastal elements in your home without resorting to using too many “beach kitsch” items like flip flops, shells, and fish-inspired décor. Less is more!

You don’t have to live near the ocean to incorporate a coastal vibe in your home. The elements that make up this style:

Color Palettes

Coastal Bunk Bed - Heather Ryder Design

Neutrals, whites, grays, blues and the occasional pop of color are staples of coastal design. The right color palette can inspire the feel of beachcombing or boating without the need to include a single beach-themed item.

Natural Materials

Coastal Living Room - Heather Ryder Design


One reason many of us are drawn to coastal design is our need to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with nature. Coastal design takes inspiration from nature with the use of materials such as live wood, jute, sisal, and grass cloth. These elements add to the sense of calm, while keeping your home feeling sophisticated.

White or Painted Furniture

Coastal Bedroom Design - Heather Ryder Design


When most of us think of the beach, we think of sunlight. Light is a key element to coastal interior design. Use white furniture and linens for a crisp and clean look, or break up the room with some fun painted furniture.

Bead Board or Ship Lap

Coastal Dining Room


As featured above, and in the beautiful dining room in “Something’s Gotta Give”, white beadboard or ship lap on the walls, furnishings or ceiling can add an instant coastal feel to any home. A chic and clean way to incorporate some of those natural elements in your home.

Stripes and Linen

Coastal Kids Bedroom - Heather Ryder Design

Stripes are a coastal interiors must-have. Not only do they give a beach-friendly room an upscale feel, but they provide a fun opportunity to tie in colors while still maintaining a sense of order in your space.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Lastly, invest in plantation shutters for your windows. Plantation shutters provide a classy, timeless, and coastal look that lets in the perfect amount of sunshine, while still allowing you to maintain a sense of non-coastal privacy.

Need help creating a coastal vibe in your home? Visit our Delivered Designs (link) page.

Stay Inspired!

Heather Ryder