Rose Quartz and Serenity

What is color forecasting and how does it affect interior design?

In the design world, fashion often dictates the next big color trends in interior design, and interior designers always look forward to the next big color-trend announcement. This year, pastel shades with a mod edge are rocking the runways.

Pantone Fashion

Runway styles move faster than interior design trends, but have a direct inflence over one another.

You’re probably wondering, how do they decide what colors make the cut? These color forecasts are based on world issues, politics and science. This year’s newest colors were directly influenced by the world of art, social happenings like the move toward gender neutrality and the ever-present world of technology (and our inability to disconnect from it). A blending of past and future. These colors move towards a more calm and serene palette. Pantone predicts that Rose Quartz and Serenity will be the next big-hitters.

Color and how we use it is a reflection of who we are. While some of us aren’t “trend seekers”, our choices are subconsciously affected by what we see on blogs, websites, our favorite TV shows, and on social media. As consumers, these choices are important. They play a part in everything we buy, from clothing to rugs.

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It’s my job as an interior designer to zone in on these trends and figure out if and when they are appropriate or fun to use in a design. My clients tend to make interior design choices in the same way they would make fashion choices – it’s a reflection of who they are. It’s all about finding the perfect blend of personal style, functionality, and updated, timeless beauty.

A look at Rose Quartz and Serenity:

In contrast to last year’s Marsala, which was a rich, earthy red that reminded of us décor-past, this year’s all about offering a reprieve from modern stresses with soothing, balanced tones. The mix of warm and cool offer a little bit for everyone and aim to transcend traditional “gender norms”.



Pantone’s 2015 Color of the year, Marsala.

Rose Quartz Example

Serenity Interior Design

See small touches of the colors in these Heather Ryder Design Originals:

Heather Ryder  Serenity and Rose Quartz


Heather Ryder Serenity Bedroom


Heather Ryder Serenity Kitchen

Which color suits your style best?

Stay Inspired!

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