We make beautiful, livable spaces easy.

We are pleased to announce that Heather Ryder has just launched Delivered Designs, a new and unique interior design services, delivered straight to your inbox!

Delivered Designs by Heather Ryder Design

Who creates the designs?

Heather Ryder of Heather Ryder Design


Principal designer Heather Ryder is the lead designer for Delivered Designs and has a flair for creating luxurious and picturesque, yet family-friendly spaces that capture her client’s unique design aesthetic, personality, home and lifestyle.

Heather Ryder serves a sophisticated client base throughout the East Coast and is located in coastal-chic Connecticut. She created “Delivered Designs” with the idea that everyone should be able to create a livable space, including those clients with a smaller budget, busy lifestyle, or DIY mentality.

What exactly is Delivered Designs?

Delivered Designs - How it Works


Delivered Designs aims to make luxury interior design more accessible. We deliver beautiful interior design plans and shopping lists, all curated and customized to your style and family. Tell us how much YOU want to spend on furniture, accessories and paint, and we create a plan to match!

A unique opportunity to have a professionally designed, beautiful, individualized space, on your time.

Beautiful designs. A fun design experience. Professional results.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Mood Boards
  • Product Shopping Lists
  • 2D renderings of your flooring layout
  • A premium interior design consultation

When are my designs delivered?


Dining Room Design - Heather Ryder Design


After taking our fun design quiz, sending us pictures, and participating in an in-depth interior design consultation, we take 2 weeks to curate products that will not only work for your style, but for your space.

Where are my designs delivered?

Staged Bedroom - Heather Ryder Design

We deliver everything straight to your inbox. A simplified process for the digital age! No messy boxes, or shipping fees.

Why can’t I do it all myself?

Coastal Kitchen - Heather Ryder Design

Unless you are well-practiced in the art and science of design or home renovation, it’s difficult to get a professional look without the help of an actual professional. With Delivered Designs, you get everything you need to complete a luxury interior design project, on your time and budget. All the benefits of using a professional, with the fun of a DIY project!

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