Admittedly addicting sites like Pinterest and Houzz are changing the interior design landscape. Design enthusiasts now have easy-click access to thousands of fun design DIY projects. But, sometimes what you see isn’t what you’ll get…

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Here are some pros and cons of the DIY interior design phenomena.

The Pro: Budget friendly

This may seem like a no brainer, but a DIY project, when done correctly, can be a nice money-saver. If you’re trying to do a smaller-scale home re-vamp and are on a tight budget, a DIY interior design project can be a great compromise. Nobody should have to forgo a beautiful home.

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The Con: Hidden costs

The truth is, there’s a hidden cost in taking on a home renovation project on your own. If your project entails a bit more than new throw pillows, you may find yourself in a bind (no matter how much HGTV you watch).

Designers spend years learning the art of the craft, and the more technical aspects involved. They are schooled in avoiding costly design mistakes and renovation chaos. Plus, designers have the hookups. A new sofa could cost you a pretty retail penny, but most designers have direct-to-the-source access to the latest and greatest furniture and home accessories and can offer more cost flexibility. They may even know a more cost-effective alternative!

The Pro: You’re in control

With a DIY project, you’re in charge. A renovation project can be a rewarding undertaking. Sometimes, you can’t put a price on the feeling of doing it with your own hands.

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The Con: It all falls on you

Although a successful DIY renovation or decoration project will give you major bragging points, if something go wrong, the chaos will fall on your shoulders alone. While a designer may be able to work around problems or prevent them in the first place, if something goes on your watch, it could end up being an enormous financial and emotional burden.

Pro: A fun hobby

Sometimes, it’s fun to start a new project and spend some outside-of-work time doing something you truly enjoy. Interior Design is art, meaning the idea of an interior design project is inherently dreamy.

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Con: Can turn into a stressful time-suck

Just because you admire a work of art, doesn’t always mean you can re-create it. The right designer can educate you on the design process (space planning, measuring, purchasing, color, texture, pattern, proportion and industry know-how), while letting you participate in the aspects of interior design that actually inspire you. Allowing you to learn, participate and enjoy your hobby without the need to deal with the more daunting technical aspects of the job.


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Stay Inspired.

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